Îles du Salut

Nature knows how to create jewellery boxes in the middle of the sea. The îles du Salut owe their name to the survivors of an expedition who were able to take refuge on those lands devoid of mosquitoes and with a pleasant climate. These islands of volcanic origin located 7 nautical miles from the hotel des Roches are beautiful places for relaxation and discovery. The water is outstandingly clear along the steep coast adorned with golden beaches that meet lush vegetation mainly consisting of coconut palms. Saimiris, squirrel monkeys, green iguanas and agoutis live in these areas.

An hour by boat from Kourou, the Islands have become a popular tourist destination, also known as the jewel of Guyana. People come here for fishing, for swimming at Anse Le Goff or in the pool when the tide is high, or for hiking on the coastal paths that go around Ile Royale and ile Saint Joseph. Due to strong currents, île du Diable is closed to all visits.

Tourist destination of choice or place of memories? This unusual archipelago is marked by the penal colony of Cayenne which, until 1947, was a hell for the convicts and political prisoners such as Dreyfus and Seznec who had to spend part of their lives here and often died here. This history is everywhere: three sites are classified as historical monuments, including Dreyfus' House on the île du Diable. A large number of ruins overgrown by vegetation remains on the island of Saint Joseph. Government buildings were located on île Royale, This is where the tourist infrastructure is located today. So whether you want to walk down memory lane or enjoy an unforgettable stay in paradise, experience the îles du Salut as you wish!

There has been a small hotel here for more than 40 years. Hotel and catering to de-stress yourself from everyday life. Facilities have remained of their time but are very well maintained.