Around Kourou

Interesting and fascinating, Guyana has genuine tourist treasures. Lovers of ecotourism will live their Amazon dream here. Unspoiled natural settings are best visited by waterway, from majestic rivers and smaller rivers which allow you to get close to an exceptional diversity of flora and fauna. Guyana also has a space centre, diverse cultures that coexist and above all an innate sense of hospitality.

The area immediately surrounding the hotel des Roches is full of possibilities. Accessible by boat, The îles du Salut are impressive with their clear waters bordering the beaches planted coconut palms, They also house the remains of the old prison.

The Guyana Space Centre opens its doors allowing you to discover the only European launch base, roam around the launch circuit for Ariane Soyuz and Vega, and visit the Space Museum, its planetarium and entertainment. When you leave, you will take a souvenir from the museum shop with you.

Nature trips abound like the one to Wapa Lodge 20-minutes away by canoe where you can follow forest trails or explore in a kayak on the rivers.

Anse Golf Course offers 18 holes on 5,000 m² comprising scrub and woodland, It is the only course in the Amazon rainforest.

Kourou Carnival, A major event of the Guyana Creole culture, takes place between January and March.

Elsewhere in Guyana: Saint-Laurent du Maroni

Travel along the Maroni River in a dugout canoe, and experience the authenticity and the culture of the people living on the banks of this river on the border with Suriname. Here, traditions and the beauty of the landscapes combine to create a rare harmony between men and nature.

Elsewhere in Guyana: The swamps of Kaw

The swamps of Kaw to the Southeast are the domain of 3 species of caiman living on the 100,000 hectare expanse of grass and water., enlivened by many species of birds.

Elsewhere in Guyana: The Guyana Amazonian Park

The Guyana Amazonian Park in the South of the Department is the largest national park in France with its 33,000 square kilometres of rainforest accessible only by plane or canoe. Here the preservation and enhancement of the unique biodiversity is accompanied by the will to develop the cultures of Native American populations, Bushinengue and Creole as well as support communities towards sustainable development.

Elsewhere in Guyana: Visit the îles du salut

The islands located one hour by boat from Kourou, have become an acclaimed tourist destination, also known as the jewel of Guyana. People come here for fishing,, swimming in the pool when the tide is high, or for hiking on the coastal paths that go around Ile Royale and ile Saint Joseph.